Performance photos: “Time Warp”

Janelle & Micah are cool, Daddy-O
Janelle & Micah are cool, Daddy-O

The images open a new page, a slideshow of my best photos from “Time Warp” by Rebel Belly Theatre (produced by Medea), at Columbia City Theatre in Seattle. Each performance in the show interpreted a decade from the past or future. 

The always-riveting Tribella trio swung to “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” for the 1940s.

 I was delighted that the 1950s duet, Janelle Bel Isle & Micah Vance, did not go with early Rock ‘n ‘roll – an obvious choice – but the proto-Cool stylings of The Beats (beatniks), including dark glasses, beret and  book of poetry.

Somni interprets “the Future”

The Tribal Kind rocked a Cyndi Lauper  routine, the four members obviously enjoying a suitably frivolous 80s-costumed parody.

Somni (Letty and Mary Kate) dazzled with their signature innovative costuming and choreography to portray “The Future.” The big silk skirts were manipulated by unseen hands pulling nearly invisible strings.

But really, just take a look at the slideshow, which tells the story better than words. Hurray for the inventive Medea and her dancers pulling the whole thing together beautifully. Major entertainment and satisfaction for the ticket price!