How-to: Qamar’s Creations

If you have online costuming tips to link on my blog, please let me know!

Qamar shares her costuming expertise on her Facebook page. And this is her album of photos.

Below, a heavily beaded belt she is about to alter, rounding off the sharp south-pointing angle. The beads and sequins on the point have to be removed and sewn back after the point is trimmed off. But she is undaunted by that task! She creates exactly the belt shape she prefers.
qamar's belt
I’d done this type of alteration for others, more often to change the fit of a ready-made beaded piece. So often they don’t have the right curve to hug the hip properly. Two darts in back, or one on either side, fix the problem beautifully, but it requires a bit of time to complete what I call “the surgery.”