How-To: Practical Dancer

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“The Practical Dancer” blog offers how-to pages about costuming, staging, and other topics of interest to dancers, going back a number of years. Example: Lining a Bra 101, which begins:

Practical Dancer's bra lining
Linked with permission of The Practical Dancer:
“…I personally like to use cotton, because it is inexpensive and breathes well. I try to use lining fabric that matches the body of the bra / belt, so that it blends. At some point, some part may start poking out, so you want a similar color to the outer body of the bra. Also, try to use a woven cotton, not a knit. Knits stretch, but that may cause you to sew it too tightly, distorting the cup.
Practical Dancer's bra lining
Wash your fabric! You don’t want it to bleed on you! Or shrink! Or discover after you have sewn it in that it can disintegrate!”
Read the whole thing, which is too much to reproduce here. It’s detailed and clearly written. I appreciate the many step-by-step photos and descriptions. She uses “Wonderclips” insead of pins to secure the layers, that’s new to me and very useful. I also like her instructions for washing a beaded bedlah.)

This is very much like the way I cut, fit, and sew my linings – except I prefer to use felt rather than cotton fabric. The reason: It’s inexpensive, soft, and does not ravel, therefore no need to tuck a seam allowance in between the lining and costume fabric.

I detailed and illustrated this in my book Stage Belt & Bra for Bellydancers.

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