How-To: Kyria’s Costumes

If you have online costuming tips to link on my blog, please let me know!

Kyria kyria-2009makes her own costumes; her blog Kyria’s Costumes generously includes a number of step-by-step how-tos and tips. For example, “Moon Goddess Costume” details (in three parts) how she completed a simple, lightly beaded white bedlah the night before a performance.

Despite our best intentions (I tell my readers to always leave time to rehearse in the costume!) the last bit of stitchery often does happen the night before. I don’t always follow my own advice perfectly.

The bra began with a “Dina bra base” – that must mean the OTHER famous Dina, not myself – and added a swirly holographic beaded trim and asymmetrical shoulder drape.Kyria's Moon Goddess bra

I do approve of this base because it has the right shape for a plunging-style bra that will keep boobs in line: a low-set, sturdy midriff band. (Don’t lean TOO far forward, however – you could still fall out of the top.)

bra_vlvtcvrd_sml bra_rebar_wide

THIS is the shape (above left) that will leave your boobs unsupported and slipping south. If the base looks like this, you must add a non-stretch “re-bar” sewn to the underwired area (right) to secure your cleavage.
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