Flattering Costume for Bellydancers

Flattering Costume for BellydancersWhat you need to know before buying or designing a bellydance costume

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Spiral-bound book of 60 pages, 120 black & white illustrations and photos
Who can use this book?
Anyone who wants to learn about costuming for bellydance more attractively and professionally. Especially useful for beginning dancers! Note: Contains advice and inspiration, not sewing instructions. Those are in my other books!

book 1 -figure issues
Figure Issues, Don’t & Do

Book 1 - Combining Styles
Combining Styles

  • What is a Bellydancer? — many variations
  • Combining styles to produce a creative fusion look (see above right)
  • Each costume piece pictured, with many variations
  • Color schemes that produce a striking theatrical look
  • Design lines for your figure and comfort level — see sample page
  • Good taste in costume to enhance the dancer’s stage image and dignity
  • Illustrated “Do and Don’t” for each figure type in detail (see above)
  • BAD costume — don’t let this happen to you!

From Jareeda magazine:“She covers every detail imaginable, leaves no stone unturned. In 20 years of dancing, I’ve never seen such an incredible costuming resource.”—Mezdulene, Editor

From Zaghareet magazine:
Dina Lydia, the Costume Goddess, is writing a much-needed series of books, The Costume Goddess Tells All. Her first book offers so many great ideas…my first reaction was “Where was this when I made my first costume?”
…This book provides much valuable information…that we should think about before jumping right into cutting fabric. Dina starts by defining the different types of costumes, then moves on to combining different styles…then describing the different styles of hip belts, skirts, etc., and when to choose one style instead of another…tons of clear illustrations and photos…
Part Two of this book deals with elements of color, design principles and examples of bad costume design. Dina offers a myriad of helpful hints based on her own extensive experience and pulls no punches
advice that will prompt even a dancer with advanced skills to say, “I didn’t think of that!” — Sharina (editor)

I recommend this book for beginners and pros alike! An easy to follow format, well-chosen photos and illustrations, and a sense of humor. —Ramia (asst. Editor):