Tip: Remedy “oozing” bra cups

I have one of those gorgeous, but stiff, totally beaded Egyptian body-armor bras. I’ve re-figured the straps to fit me better, but because of the rigidity, I tend to “ooze” at the bottom when my arms are up.
Any ideas on how to keep myself inside the bra?

Answer: If your breasts “ooze” – that is, if they tend to head south when encased in that costume bra – there may be three reasons:

1. The midriff band might be too loose. Move the hooks and eyes to tighten it. Yes, this is uncomfortable with a “stiff” Egyptian bra that has no elastic. That’s why, when I make my own costume bras, they have a bit of elastic at the sides to “give” about an inch. Then at least I can take a breath without leaving a dent in my flesh.

bra_plung2. The strap connecting the bra cups is located too high. Therefore it doesn’t hold the bottom of the cups tightly against your rib cage.

This is a very common design in ready-made costumes. It looks cute – like two scallop shells on a Disney mermaid – but doesn’t function well as a dance bra, because the midriff band is not firmly pressed to the rib cage all around.

Does it look like the bra in the photo? If so, you may have to lower the connector strap, or sew on a second strap where I have the arrows, underneath the first. It could even be a transparent vinyl strap; these are sold in fabric stores for use under semi-sheer fabric. Or it could be a matching ribbon decorated with a bit of trim or fringe. You will feel a difference right away – your boobs feel secure, they stay where they belong.

3. You’ve made the shoulder straps too short. This is an attempt to achieve maximum uplift, but when you raise your arms it pulls the bra cups way too high. There’s a limit to just how high you can hike your boobs before they start to “ooze” down to their natural position.

The pull can be minimized if you use a halter (neck) strap rather than wide-set shoulder straps, which will always cause a tug when you raise your arms (and shoulders).

Or, it could be a combination of these three fitting glitches. ~ Dina Lydia