Stage Belt and Bra for Bellydancers

How to create the beautiful, dazzling bedlah! It’s a challenge. And this is the BEST book on the subject you can find anywhere!

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72-page spiral-bound book with hundreds of black & white photos & illustrations; step-by-step directions for cabaret, ATS or fusion; fitting and flattering; photo gallery featuring 13 designer/dancers.

Who can use this book?
Anyone with hand sewing skills, love of costume, and patience. The pieces are largely constructed with hand sewing rather than machine sewing. See color photos in Stage Costumes Gallery.

book 3- designing decoration Costume Goddess book 3

Sample pages (click): Thoughts on design & decoration; examples.


  • Dozens of belt shapes illustrated
  • How to make a custom pattern
  • How to construct, cover and line belt
  • Front, back, side & double side closures
  • Decoration: jewels, appliqués, beads and trim
  • Fringe, drape, and coin placement
  • Trendy alternative belt styles and layered hipscarves

  • How to choose a suitable bra base
  • Special concerns of large-busted dancers
  • How to alter or pad bra to fit
  • How to reinforce a weighty bra
  • How to cover bra with costume fabric
  • Decoration: jewels, appliqués, coins, and trim
  • Drapes with beads and coins
  • Fringe and strap variations

Review from Sahda, Newsletter of Middle Eastern Dance Association,Canada B.C. chapter
This book is for anyone who wants to make their own bedlah…72 pages crammed with info. The first part of the book is a picture gallery of costume examples by Dina and other designers. She describes the various styles….then there are sketches of belt styles, body types, and “what works with what”.
She has taken the basic Egyptian belt, which she calls the “Tuna Can Belt,” and compares it to her own basic costume belt pattern, which she shows you step by step how to make for yourself. Once you make your pattern you need NEVER have an ill-fitting belt again…
The book has a dozen fancy belt designs as well as the basic one. It deals with bras in the same detail as belts, from shortcuts with bras which don’t need covering, gathered bras, to chain bra covers, as well as regular covered bras…and at least 20 variations of straps. Step by step photos take you from start top finish with both bra & belt.
Then she covers decorating. Beads, jewels, sequins, appliques, findings, drapes, fringe, chain mesh, it’s all there.
A perfect primer for the rank beginner or the more experienced sewer who wants some guidance in creating their dream costume. ~ Shalazar