Tip: Fix slipping shoulder straps

I would like a bit of advice on my coin bra. The bra fits great, but the straps are the traditional bra straps over the shoulders. When I do certain arm movements the straps have a tendency to fall.
I have thought about sewing some type of coin necklace to the back to help hold them up. It is very distracting, not to mention it really takes away from the dance. ~ Lynne

I like the wide-set style of shoulder straps, because it’s easy to attach sleeves to them. But there is the annoying problem of the straps slipping down, especially if you have small or sloping shoulders.

I use a secondary strap, sewn to the primary strap, that prevents the shoulder strap from slipping. It can be the same width as the primary strap, or narrower.

brastrp_dble1. Halter style from the front of shoulder to back neck
2. Connector strap between the shoulder straps at the back
These 3 designs work well. bra_widestrp_cnctr2 Connector strap from top of shoulder to center back band

If you’re making a costume bra from scratch, the second strap can be covered with matching fabric or trim, so it blends in with the design. If you’re altering a purchased costume, find matching or coordinating fabric or trim. If the skirt needed hemming, the little strip you cut off might be enough.

I’ve seen bras with a narrow back connector strap of a flesh-toned fabric, or even mesh, so it is nearly invisible from a distance, or under long hair.

A necklace or other jewelry chain with a sturdy clasp can be used as the second strap. Just be sure it’s comfortable and securely sewn to the primary strap with heavy thread, and all the links are tight. If the chain irritates your skin, sew it first to a narrow ribbon of velvet or flesh-toned lining fabric  – whatever blends in best.

Optional: add a hanging ornament. If long hair doesn’t cover it, a tassel or small cluster of coins can be attached to the center back of the secondary strap, adding interest to the back of the costume. This wiggles nicely when you do even small shoulder shimmies.

~Dina Lydia