Tip: How to use scarves

Recently I purchased 10 rectangular scarves approximately 13″x60″. They are sheer with a jungle animal type pattern of yellow-beige, black and brown with metallic gold thread. I purchased the 10 for a mere $14.99.
I was hoping you could give me some unique ideas for using them for costuming for bellydance. ~ Barb

Long, narrow, soft scarves are create many easy costume looks.

scarf headpieces scarf wrapped over ghawazee band
Headpiece: Wrap a scarf over a sturdy readymade padded headband spiral-fashion (left), tacking the beginning and endpoints to secure. Let the edges overlap, to cover the base well. Let the loose ends hang down to frame the face, or trim them off and finish the cut ends neatly. Wrap another contrasting cord or trim over this, if desired. You can do the same with a larger padded Ghawazee-style headband (above right).


dina_neckveil scarf tucked in headband liz_veildrape_back
Face-framing veil: Tuck the ends of a scarf into a headband and arrange the center portion under the chin as a harem-girl style face drape (upper left and far left). Or simply tuck it into one side or center back and let it fall to hip length. If hair is short or back of bra very plain, the scarf will dress up the back view.
arm scarfIf your costume has no sleeve, sew the middle of the scarf to a black elastic band, and slip the band just above or below the elbow. Add tassels, fringe, light coins, or other small ornaments to the edges, if desired. 0dina_shsha3One scarf or half a scarf on an elbow-length fitted sleeve is an “Arabic” sleeve drape. Sew the middle 6 or 8 inches of the scarf to the edge of the sleeve and let the two ends hang down, from 10 to 24 inches or so. Ends should clear the floor when arm is down.
Attach scarves between an armband and a wristband or armband and shoulder, to make another kind of arm drape (above).
blouson sleeve-slashedBlouson Sleeve: Cut two scarves in half, attach the ends between shoulder and wristband for a “slashed blouson sleeve” look, gathering the ends. (below left). Complete how-tos are in
Arm Costume for Bellydancers

scarf-jacketBlouson shrug: If you don’t want to cut the scarves, a single one can be made into a sheer “shrug” that extends across the back (below right). Directions:
Arm Costume for Bellydancers
Thrifty Chic for Bellydancers
center skirt drapeSkirt Panel: A center front and back skirt  panel enhance a plain sheath skirt (above) or pants. Cut one scarf in half crosswise and sew the cut ends directly to skirt/pants or inside belt. Or, fold two scarves in half crosswise and use one scarf for front, one for back. The belt or hipscarf will cover the sewn edge.
dina_silvrblak_sideEasy Bra Cover: This is from Book #2, Easy Costume for Bellydancers and Book 6, Thrifty Chic for Bellydancers.
Drape a scarf over a suitable bra base in black or beige, whatever looks best under the scarf. Gather the center and tack the gathers. Then spread the scarf over the bra cups and tack the gathers at a few points to make a pleasing arrangement.
Sew the scarf edges to the bra edges bout halfway around the bra, and leave the back half free. Then fasten the center back with a decorative pin and let the ends hang down. The original bra closure should be completely covered.bracvr2_flat2Cover the bra straps with a decorative trim that harmonizes with the print, maybe a black/gold braid. Optional: Use a piece of jewelry chain or coin belt to make a midriff drape, as illustrated.