Tip: Fasten tie ends with a brooch

d_1shldr_gld I like the look of the hipscarves/belts and tops on your costumes, where they are neatly pinned with a brooch at the front, sometimes with a scarf panel hanging down from the center. However I can’t figure out how it’s done! ~ BrendaWhat do you do with the ends of the scarf in front? Also, I have some large triangular fringed scarves that I would like to just cross over and pin in the front, rather than tying, but there seems to be too much material there for a brooch to gather up. Thanks for your help! ~ Raz

tie & pin

Answer: When the tie front of a hipscarf or top is fastened with a pin, it’s flatter, neater, and more decorative than a bulky double knot (square knot).

One twist of the ends gathers the fabric (unlike a simple cross-and-pin). The pin secures that twist. No second twist needed.

It works with short or long tie ends. This is very easy to do (illustrated left.)

3. Using a large brooch, PIN through several layers of fabric. The pin should be at least an inch and a half long, the longer the better. You may be able to grab some of the skirt/pant fabric too, ensuring the scarf is anchored there.

4. Fasten the brooch and you’re done! Make sure the brooch has a secure clasp for the pin that will not slip out and open up. A cheap pin sometimes has a flimsy clasp – you don’t want that. For extra security, add a hidden safety pin on the inside, through several layers.—Dina Lydia