TIPS: How to drape a veil

Dear Costume Goddess,
Can you give me some ideas on how to drape a veil? For instance, where do you attach it? Do you tie it?
I use a veil for dancing, but I have no clue how to make it part of my costume.

One or more veils can be part of your costume, as well as a prop for dancing. The veil is generally “tucked” into a tight-fitting part of the costume to secure it, but can also be tied, twisted around a strap or pinned (with a decorative brooch on the outside of the costume, or an unseen safety pin inside).

The “classic” drape (below) is tucked at three points: one end at the front hip, the other end at the back hip, and center portion in the shoulder strap, leaving one arm draped and one bare, as in the photos below, modeled by Elizabeth Dennis. This is fairly easy to untuck, usually while spinning, when the time comes to free the veil as a dance prop.

liz_veildrp3pt liz_veildrape3pt_bak
liz_veilbk_tieAbove, veil is loosely tied over one shoulder to create a pretty cascade. Right: the veil is twisted around the neck straps and secured again with a jeweled brooch on one side. This make a graceful cover if you need the abdomen camouflaged. liz_veilfrntcu3_72
liz_veilhd_1 liz_veildrape_faceThe veil can be tucked into or pinned to a headband or turban and drape around the head and shoulders (above and left).
liz_veilskrtThe veil can be tucked and draped around the hips to add interest and movement to a basic skirt and belt. Right: two veils of different colors can be crossed or layered over the torso. liz_veilside72