Tribal Vibes for Bellydancers

5 - Tribal style, troupe or solo, creative fusionA must-have for Tribal/fusion bellydancers & troupes, whether beginners or professionals.

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My most ambitious and beautifully designed book. Spiral-bound, 52 pages with hundreds of photos & illustrations. Original designs modeled by Dina Lydia, Tempest, Elizabeth Dennis, Gypsy Caravan, members of The Indigo, Ansuya, and many more. See color Tribal Costume Gallery and sample page spreads below.

book 5 tribal basic
Book 5 – Tribal skirt/pant variations

Book 5 Tribaret
“Tribe-aret” Inspiration from Ansuya & troupe
  • What’s Changed (since 2000)?
  • Ethnic Influences: Middle Eastern, East Indian, Turkish, Spanish, etc.
  • Tribaret & contemporary influences: Goth, Punk, Industrial
  • Retro: Vintage Hollywood, Steampunk, Le Belle Epoche, Southern Gothic, Dance Hall
  • Designing a troupe costume
  • Basic Tribal pieces
  • Flattering your figure
  • Make a readymade piece Tribal
  • Backless choli with gussets
  • Coin Bra and Belt
  • Jackets and Vests
  • Blouses
  • Skirts and Pants
  • Hipbelts and Hip Accents
  • The Bodacious Bustle
  • Secondhand Roses
  • Arm Costume
  • Headpieces
  • Jewelry
  • Skin Art
  • Decoration
  • What’s Next?