What to wear on feet?

What kind of footwear would be good for me? See, I’ve got two feet that need arch support. My instructors allow me to wear my sneakers (which hold the inserts nicely), but they’re beginning to feel clunky to me. I need something that will be supportive, hold the inserts (orthopedics) and still allow me to move. Any suggestions?

How about the styles of shoe in the first three pictures? Because they’re designed to be dance shoes, they’re cute, sturdy, and very flexible.

Options for those who don’t need arch supports are flexible sandals or half-sandals.

characterSmall-heeled character shoes with a strap, or the dressier ballroom dancing shoes, work with cabaret style. jazz shoesJazz dancing shoes (black or nude) in slip-on style or strapped, are sturdy. DiscountDance.com
ballet shoesBallet slippers (several colors) work with almost anything. If they have no elastic straps or ribbons, those should be added. Bloch--Spin-II-Modern-Half-SoleFlesh-toned (well, some people’s flesh) Block Spin Half-Soles Dancesupplies.com
oasisdancesandal blkI wonder if “Grecian” sandals with skinny straps would cut into my feet, but some find them comfortable. Oasis Sandal company Ghillie shoes are made for Scottish/Irish dance, but I think they look fine with many bellydance costumes. DanceDirect.com

Bare feet are vulnerable. Though I don’t need arch support, I never danced barefoot because it’s too easy to step on something sharp, sticky, or dirty in a restaurant, or even on a stage.

Outdoor surfaces can be burning hot (in the summer), or rough enough to scrape the skin. Pleasant-looking grassy areas can hide sharp twigs and pebbles that hurt when trod upon.

Plus, the shoes are a disguise for callused, bunioned, or otherwise unpretty feet. If yours are cute, you’re lucky…so protect them.

I got the pictures from the Capezio.com, DiscountDance.com, and Dance Direct.com. But there are others. You can sometimes find a lower price on eBay, for new or used shoes.
~ Dina Lydia