The Costume Goddess Tells All

Site Redesign and Book Sale!

Dina Lydia and Costume Goddess bookA 30% off sale of The Costume Goddess Tells All  how-to books will be in effect through June 2015 – even the already discounted packages.

This series of seven books has something for every dancer or student dancer. Many of the pieces require no sewing, or minimal sewing. I will walk you through the steps for the intermediate and advanced projects. I have plenty of “Don’t let this happen” advice – things to consider before choosing or cutting in order to avoid mistakes.

I’m currently working on pages with illustrated Freebies, Advice and Tips. Thanks for your patience!

I’ve started blogging about costume and performance. Those posts will appear on the sidebar from now on.

If you notice anything malfunctioning on the new site,  please let me know ASAP! You can Contact me anytime with questions or comments. ~ Dina Lydia